Asociación Hispana de Buddhismo (Spain)

The Hispanic Association of Buddhism is a non profit religious entity of a mixed character, secular and monastic, founded in Madrid in 2012 whose ambit of activities is Spain and the Americas. Its main objectives are the promotion and dissemination of the teachings of the Buddha from the Pali Canon and associated literature of the Theravada tradition. From this fundamental perspective, the Association is open to all other Buddhist traditions and schools in an inclusive spirit to promote a better understanding of Buddhism in all its breadth and richness.

The main activities are training and education, through the Hispanic Institute of Buddhist Studies as well as those related to the Buddhist devotion, meditation and the practice of charity and other Buddhist virtues to contribute to the material and spiritual welfare of society . The main project is now opening a comprehensive Buddhist center in Spain.

Contact details:
Asociación Hispana de Buddhismo
Apdo. Correos 100 / 016
28080 Madrid

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