Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling

The “Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling” - first founded in 1986 in France - was registered at the Office of Religious Communities of the Republic of Slovenia in 2003, and is active in Slovenia since 2002. Since then, the Congregation has put forth an extensive program. Dharmaling is active in many countries worldwide, mostly in Slovenia, Hungary, France, Russia, and others. A special agreement was signed with the Republic of Slovenia in 2008 (Dharmaling is the 6th religious community to sign such an agreement in Slovenia). “Dharmaling” stands for “Dharma” in Sanskrit, which refers to the Buddha’s Teachings, and “ling” in Tibetan meaning “place”, or “seat” - the seat of Buddha’s teachings. Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling organises regular teachings in several countries, practices, retreats, initiations, and seminars on various fields (healing, education, translation,…).

The Abbot of Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling is Lama Shenpen Rinpoche. Rinpoche was ordained at the age of 16 as a novice monk in 1985 by Geshe Tekchog. In 1986 he received the Getsul ordination by Lama Zopa Rinpoche and in 1990 later became fully ordained by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala. Following a Melong divination performed by Lama Dawa Rinpoche, in 2008 he gave back his vows and became a lay Lama. Rinpoche was officially recognised by the Kharnang Monastery and Sera-Jhe Jadrel Kamtsen as tulku of Lama Gendün Rabgye of Kharnang Monastery in East Tibet.

The Organisation

If Dharmaling is traditionally influenced by the Tibetan Lineages, and more closely from the Gelug School, we can say that our congregation has developed through years an approach and way to practice which is distinct form the Tibetan lineages, less ritualistic and more engaged into daily integration of the Buddha's Teachings in our societies. We aim at bringing Buddhism to be correctly understood in the West, using local terminologies, example, culture; yet preserving Buddha-Dharma as purely as possible, remaining purely in the line of its founder, Shakyamuni Buddha.

Dharma is not meant to be just a subject of study, but to be applied in the everyday life, in every circumstance of our living, helping to deal and solve all our problem with a better understanding of the reality we're living in, and a growing inner quietness.

Dharmaling is a group of Buddhist followers, of different Schools, motivated by the same goal, of spiritual knowledge, practices, and integration of Dharma in their daily life, daily engagements in the society. We aim at practicing the ethical values promoted by the Buddha, and applying them in every moment, spreading the understanding and experience of Compassion, Wisdom, and Peace.

Dharmaling is a non-profit organization. For we believe that accumulation of wealth and temporal values for the sake of richness and temporal attachments is not worth. The impermanent nature of the reality makes that at the time of death, only the positive deeds and Wisdom we have accumulated will be of any help, and only them can help us in our daily life to promote ethic and Compassion.

Dharmaling is a non-political community. It abides by the Law system in each country where it exists, without biased alliance or compliance of political nature, without playing the game of the evil in accepting what is against its ethical values for the sake of any worldly interest. Yet it directs its focus in the fields and matters directed for the common good, and enables itself to be a worth partner for any Institution pursuing similar goal for the good of individuals and society.

Contact Details:

Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling
Pavšičeva 41
1000 Ljubljana
+386 40 125 512

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