The concept of Dana

The ancient Pali word "Dana", meaning "generosity" or "giving", is a voluntary expression of appreciation and gratitude. The principle of Dana maintains a tradition that has spread the dharma for around 2,500 years until today. Dana offers those who value the dharma work of the EBU the opportunity to help in the continuation of our work.

It is a practice that diminishes self-centredness and includes the well-being of and compassion towards others in our actions. There is no correct sum to give. The amount depends upon your ability to give and how your heart is moved.

You can practise dana through donations which make an invaluable contribution to the running of the European Buddhist Union. Dana allows us to create projects and initatives that spread Buddhist values and the dharma on an international level. For example the maintanance of this website, our magazine as well as our wide range of projects are made possible by donations of our supporters.

If you want you can contribute to certain projects or aspects of our work - or just support us in general. Just click on "Donate" below, choose which one of our causes you want to support financially and in which way you want to donate.

We sincerely appreciate your support!

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