Dzogchen Community Europe

The Dzogchen Community International is a lay community of global dimensions based on the principles of awareness and respect. The community arose spontaneously around Namkhai Norbu, and is open to all.

The Dzogchen Community is a space suited to the needs of our contemporary life, meeting the growing need of combining the modern technology an ancient wisdom to draw from.

The Community has no bureaucratic, hierarchical organisation and is based on local reference groups, the Gakyil. Gakyil (lett. 'mandala of joy'), a body composed of three sections marked colors yellow, red and blue, which correspond, according to an ancient Buddhist model, the three aspects of the individual (body, mind and energy). The various centres of the Community are considered places to bring, share and apply the practice of mindfulness; places where you can collaborate with others in a perspective of mutual spiritual enrichment, friendship and harmony.

The largest centers are called Gar. Currently there are two in Europe (Merigar), two in Russian-speaking countries (Kunsangar), two in the US (Tsegyalgar), two in South America (Tashigar) and two in Australia (Namgyalgar).

The Community has thousands of members in over forty countries. Merigar West (Arcidosso, Italy) is the Gar of The International Dzogchen Community.

Dzogchen centres in Western Europe

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