Membership of the EBU Ecodharma network is open to all Buddhists who would like to join with us in working for sustainability in Buddhist centres and daily life, Buddhist contributions to the environmental movement and education for sustainability and inner transformation. We are interested in new ideas and approaches both to inner practice and outer work in the world.

Contact: Dr Jake Lyne, kjlyne@gmail.com

We are changing our environment in a direction that threatens to lead to a sixth mass extinction in the history of life on earth. Scientists have identified nine planetary boundaries, that if exceeded could result in irreversible and potentially harmful changes to the ecosystem. The boundaries refer to air pollution, land use change, freshwater use, ocean acidification, climate change, chemical pollution including plastics, biodiversity loss, ozone depletion and agricultural use of nitrogen and phosphorus. Ecodharma is relevant to all of these complex issues.

Buddha Dharma is the teaching of the middle way, meaning many things, e.g. modest living, living in harmony with nature, attempting to find a peaceful path through conflict and avoidance of extreme views and behaviours.

Ecodharma is Buddha Dharma with particular relevance to the world environmental crisis we human beings are causing. A Bodhisattva takes vows to do no harm, to do what is good and to help all beings. The six Ecosattva vows emphasise ecology or the interdependence of all things, and given the numbers of people in the world, the need to live lightly and sustainably in the earth, to support innovations such as green energy and to challenge technologies and policies that cause environmental problems and threaten to make these problems worse.

EcoDharma Presentation
EcoDharma presentation
Sangha Activa Video
Watch here a video of the Sangha Activa near Barcelona!
Touching the Earth - Brochure
Touching the Earth - Brochure
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