Monastero Zen Enso-ji IL Cerchio (Italy)

Enso-ji Il Cerchio Zen Monastery is a Buddhist community and an Italian cultural Association, where Zen Buddhism is practiced in the Soto Zen lineage, according to the teachings of the Japanese Master Harada Daiun Sogaku Roshi. It was founded by Italian Zen master Carlo Zendo Tetsugen Serra:Abbot.

The Sangha Il Cerchio is based on two locations: "Ensoji - il Cerchio", founded in Milan in 1988, and "Sanbo-ji - Tempio dei Tre Gioielli" founded in Berceto (Parma), in 1996.

Ensoji and Sanboji activities are opened to everyone.

In Enso-ji the traditional practice of sitting meditation (Zazen) is taught. Other Oriental Arts activities are taught based upon Zen awareness: Mindfulzen®, Zen Shiatsu, Counseling, Shodo.
In Sanbo-ji, retreats take place, as well as the practice of Oriental Arts, which help the practitioner's way. It is also possible to stay for a while sharing the daily life with the residents Sangha: Zen monks and Abbot. Ensoji and Sanboji practicioners are involved in social commitment and interreligious dialogue .Affiliated U.B.I. - SotoZenEuropean Office.


Monastero Zen Enso-ji IL Cerchio
Via dei Crollalanza, 9
20143, Milano

Via Pradaiolo 37
Pagazzano di Berceto (Pr)
+39 (0)28 323 652

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