Safer and Stronger Communities in Europe (SASCE)

SASCE is a multi-layered project to dramatically increase security in and around places of worship, as well as within and between Christian, Buddhist, Muslim and Jewish communities. Building and expanding on the good practices recommended by the Commission for the protection of public spaces, but also relying on the knowledge and expertise of well-organized communities and security groups, the consortium will:

(i) develop concrete tools, which, associated with (ii) training, wider communications and the use of (iii) technology solutions, will be instrumental in achieving a high-level of protection of EU citizens, in full cooperation with authorities throughout the EU.

SASCE is funded by the European Commission under ISFP Fund.

If you like to receive a training, please contact us directly at

Submit a Report

If you have been a victim of a hate incident or/and crime and are still in danger, please call 112. If the threat is now over, please use this form to report it to us. Once we have your information secured, one of the SASCE team members will be in touch to discuss the issue further and ensure we have all the details we require to record the incident accurately and offer you our support. We need the information marked with a * so that we can contact you and make sure you get the support you need. We will NOT share any information you give us without your permission. In an Emergency, ALWAYS dial 112.

Find the report form here

Download here the video of the full SASCE conference in Berlin
Full video of SASCE conference in Berlin, 2022
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