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Our "European Buddha" Videocast
The European Buddha - videocast is a series of interviews with Buddhists led by Julius Kratky, journalist in Vienna/Austria.

The European Buddha videocast wants to give people interested in Buddhism insights about Dharma and Buddhist practice from the perspectives of the various traditions present in Europe.

The project is realized in co-operation with the EBU and "VideotalX - talk together!" - a dialog initiative using smartphones for HD video communication.

Interview with Stefano Bettera, EBU Vice-President, Milano. 25 years ago Stefano started first with Tibetan Buddhism, later on with Zen practice and Vipassana meditation. “It´s very good to have an open mind in several traditions and to know Buddhism in its depth of its teachings and the diverse practices” – Stefano says. To beware of the openness of the heart and to become a really full human being are great goals for Stefano. So Buddhism is a special sort of lamp in the dark. Practice and teachings help Stefano not to loose the balance in his life.

Interview with Lama Ngawang Dorje Dondrub, Barcelona. He was 16 when he met with Buddhism and was very impressed by his Buddhist teacher, who could explain “everything” in a very logical way to his disciples. A few years later Dorje Dondrub decided living together with his teacher. Together they founded a Buddhist community. Lama Dondrub follows the Vajrayana Buddhism which helps him “to change the parts of his mind he doesn´t like”. What is the first step, which one should take to learn more about Buddhism? Lama Dondrub´s answer: meditation!

Interview with Lama Shenpen Hookham, Spiritual Director at “Awakened Heart Shanga”, North Wales. As a young girl she was interested about religions and already at school she came into contact with Buddhism. Today Lama Shenpen belongs to the Kagyü School of Tibetan Buddhism. What is important to her? - “Truth, and that you could discover it through investigating your own direct experience!” And finding answers on the question: how does her life support her understanding of the Dharma? Very important – Lama Shenpen is convinced – to find the “right” teacher! Buddhist Retreat Centre North Wales – Home of Lama Shenpen's Awakened Heart Sangha in North Wales

Interview with Paula de Wys, Director Maitreya Instituut, Amsterdam. Paula built up a school in Nepal with her later husband and travelled a lot of countries, like Iran, Pakistan Afghanistan, India and so forth. The journey of life in the spiritual worlds of Buddhism makes Paula sometimes asking her deep personal questions: Who am I? Why am I, what am I? Buddhism is important to her, because “it´s practical, it's what´s relevant in life”! So, Buddhism helps Paula also to take “responsibility” for her life. Maitreya Instituut | Tibetaans boeddhisme in Nederland, studie en meditatie

Interview with Bhante Bodhidhamma, Spiritual Director “Satipanya Buddhist Trust”, Wales. Today Bhante is a Theravada monk. As – “flower power” – hippie – decades ago – he was travelling around the world and became a teacher of a Roman Catholic school in Papua New Guinea. Later on a book about Zen Buddhism awakened his interest … Keep searching! How to find your way? – “If you feel there is a “connection”, stay with it. If you are not sure – keep investigating and find your way!”

More coming soon!

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