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EBU Ethics Committee

The EBU’s Ethics Committee comprises women and men from several different Buddhist traditions and countries in Europe. (To protect us from lobbying and online trolling we have agreed that our members will not be publicly named.)

We will work according to the EBU Code of Ethics and Complaints Procedure. It includes the secure email address you can use to contact us and it explains the two types of ethical complaint or concern to which we can respond:

1. those relating to the work of the EBU itself
2. those relating to a member organisation of the EBU

As each member organisation is legally responsible for itself, the EBU Ethics Committee has no authority to address a matter arising within a member organisation; however we can ask the member organisation what has been done about it. We have no authority at all in respect of ethical matters relating to Buddhist organisations which are not members of the EBU.

Where we receive a complaint/concern we will appoint a small working group to consider the matter, composed of people of more than one gender and without conflicts of interest/loyalty.

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