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EBU Strategy and Action Plan 2023
Our strategy for the last 5 years has been to evolve the European Buddhist Union into an activity driven organization which serves its mission to bring Buddhist principles into European societies, and fosters spiritual friendship between Buddhists from the various traditions and countries in Europe.

We had identified the need to be visible, in order to attract people, who share our values
and wish to contribute, either through sharing the workload or by funding our activities.
Thus, we launched the EBU Magazine - which is now in its 9th issue - monthly podcasts and
videocasts. We also continue to hold public conferences and events every 2 years.

We also created a completely new website, which allows us to communicate directly with
our members and collaborators. It also showcases our projects. This website is a big hub
with many tools inside, so we can collaborate in a digital world. This is a necessity for an
organisation which covers a whole continent.

We also increased our budget substantially by receiving funds from the European Union for
the SASCE project, from the Khyentse Foundation for our project “Windows into Buddhism”
and from the UBI. Even though these funds are allocated for specific purposes pertaining to
the workload of the projects, they still spill over in our general activities and benefit them.
On a governance level, we rewrote all our documents, including the constitution, to set the
structural foundation for our endeavors.

The strategy for 2023 builds on the vision outlined above. We want to become more visible
in the public, attract more people to involve in our work and continue to get outside
funding. We will also put more energy into motivating those of our members who do not yet
involve in our work and projects to become active.
Only if the workload is shared by many people, the EBU will be able to contribute to society
in a sustainable way.

On the governance side, we hope to get the moving of the EBU to Brussels approved, since it
has substantial advantages versus our current registration in France.

2023 Action Plan

The meaning of an organisation such as the EBU can only be, that it is active, and brings
Buddhist from all traditions together to work on common goals.
The action plan for this year builds on the action plans of the previous years. We currently
have 20 active projects and a few more in development. We will develop the existing
projects more, and continue to add new ones, which are in line with our mission and vision.
We will also continue to work to make the EBU more visible in the public, so this acronym is
no longer associated only with the European Broadcasting Union or the European Board of


Ron Eichhorn
President of the European Buddhist Union

EBU Strategy and Action Plan 2023
EBU Strategy and Action Plan 2023
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