Presentation (Video) on the Buddhist heritage of Gandhara - by Dr. Nadeem Omar Tarar
Buddhist sites in Pakistan. An Introduction to Gandhara heritage. Gandhara Chair in Art History and Cultural Studies, University of Wah, Pakistan

We would like to draw your attention to the following project and online lecture that was given by Prof. Nadeem Omar Tarar on historical Buddhist sites in Pakistan and the possibilities to visit them.

Pakistan today is the custodian of the vast archeological heritage of Gandhāra, best known in the world of western museums for its Gandhāra sculpture, which holds great importance for understanding Buddhism. For the Buddhist monks, Gandhāra is one of the great regions (mahjanapada), which was mentioned in the Jataka tales, as the site of the stories of the past lives of Buddha, as Bodhisattva. From Mauryan emperor Asoka in the second century BCE until the second half of the fifth century CE when the Hephthalite White Huns invaded Gandhāra, Buddhist monasteries and stupas expanded and multiplied in Gandhara, making the region a heartland of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism.

More Information about Nadeem Omar Tarar and the subject:

Online lecture - Buddhist heritage of Gandhara - Presentation (PDF)
Cultural History of Gandhara - Online-lecture - Dr. Nadeem Omar Tarar
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