Dharma & Parenting - Guest: Sara Manzi
European Buddha Podcast Nr.18

In this episode we talked about Dharma Parenting - a pilot project by the European Buddhist Union that has just recently started. This year two online-meetings have taken place to share resources, inspiration and information around the topic of children, Buddhism and mindfulness. And it is a good thing that we have two parents with us for this, Emilia and Sara, who shared first-hand experience with us. Some of the insights were: with children "practice" changes all the time and they give us the opportunity to awaken at any moment!

Sara Manzi: dharmaparenting@europeanbuddhistunion.org

Dharma Parenting Blog: https://dharmaparenting.wordpress.com

Recommended Readings:

  • Siddharta by Herman Hesse
  • How to meditate - Kathleen McDonald
  • Bringing Home the Dharma - Jack Kornfield
  • The Colour Monster - Anna Llenas

Thanks to her retreats in Asia, Sara was inspired by Buddhism and discovered qualities and insights that have helped her as a parent. Meditation has proven to be a powerful tool for her to work with strong emotions and to see meditation practice in a new light. We spoke about the everyday life of parents and the wisdom and curiosity of children. Together with the EBU, Sara has formed a group called „Dharma - Parenting“. Interested people can access and share resources about Dharma and children on her blog and attend one of the online meetings held throughout the year.

The "European Buddha podcast" inquires how the wisdom of buddhism is lived and practiced in the „West“. Every last Friday of the month, Emilia Raunio and Martin Landschein welcome guests from various traditions on different topics. See more

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