Explore the Intersection of Dharma and Society - Guest: Munisha
European Buddha Podcast Nr.37

Join us as we embark on exploring the dynamic interplay between ethics and society with Munisha, Vice President of the European Buddhist Union (EBU).
In this conversation, Munisha shares valuable insights into the EBU’s current priorities as a prominent umbrella organization, illuminating its efforts to cultivate unity and harmony within the Buddhist community and beyond.
Delving into the essence of Buddhist ethics, Munisha unveils the timeless wisdom embodied in the five precepts, offering reflections on their significance in today’s world. These precepts, deeply cherished by our guest, serve as guiding principles for ethical living and compassionate action. At the end of the episode Munisha shared a Metta Bhavana Meditation with us.

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Munisha is British and lives in Sweden. Ordained a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2003, she is a trustee of the Network of Buddhist Organisations UK and Triratna's Stockholm Centre and has represented Triratna at the EBU since 2013. Her collaboration with Buddhists from many traditions and countries has given her a great deal of experience of Buddhism's diversity.

In 2016 she initiated work in Triratna to develop Safeguarding policies and ethical standards. She has brought the skills and knowledge from this work to the EBU's new Ethics Committee, helping to develop our procedures for addressing ethical concerns, should they arise. Given the concerns in recent years about ethical standards in many Buddhist communities around the world this is an important part of the EBU's work. Since the end of last year, she has been a member of the EBU Council and holds the position of Vice President.

The "European Buddha podcast" inquires how the wisdom of buddhism is lived and practiced in the „West“. Every last Friday of the month, Emilia Raunio and Martin Landschein welcome guests from various traditions on different topics. See more

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