Online Webinar: On the interreligious and interconvictional dimension of welcoming migrants, refugees and asylum seekers

A webinar on the interreligious and interconvictional dimension of welcoming migrants, refugees and asylum seekers jointly organised by the Committee Interreligious and interconvictional dialogue and the Committee for the Rights of Persons who are Migrants of the Conference of INGOs to be held on Monday, 20 November 2023 at 18:00 – 19:30 (CET) with simultaneous English/French interpretation.

This webinar is to focus on two aspects:

  • The dimension of fundamental rights contained in the European Convention on Human Rights, in particular Article 9: freedom of thought, conscience and religion in the context of the reception of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.
  • The importance of dialogue as an opportunity, as a facilitating factor in integration, in particular inter-religious and interconvictional dialogue, which is part of people's very identity. The intercultural dimension can also be taken into account in the problematic.

This webinar will look at a particular aspect of migration: the recognition of the need for a spiritual dimension. To do this, it is important to begin by highlighting the differences between migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Examples of good practice from various host countries - Italy, Portugal, Greece? - show that a positive view of religious practice when welcoming migrants is extremely beneficial for their integration and can also deepen the hospitality of the host country: indeed, religious practice as part of the "imported" culture also leads to reflection on the cultural roots of the host country. Church networks also provide solid support for a successful integration process for migrants, precisely when their spiritual background and forms of expression meet with sympathetic interest.

In order to promote the enriching aspects of taking account of religious viewpoints in the integration process, the webinar will examine and address the issues and conditions of inter-religious, inter-convictional and inter-cultural dialogue and discourse.

Moderator: Dr. Thea Mohr (EBU, trainer of intercultural communication)


  • Ms Leyla Kayacik, Council of Europe Secretary General’s Special Representative on Migration and Refugees
  • Ms Alfreda Ferreira Da Fonseca – PAX ROMANA & Mr Peter Stilwell Portugal: interfaith migrant reception + television, Radio
  • Mr Stefano Bettera - President of the European Buddhist Union (EBU)

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