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The EBU has a growing list of projects. It is our mission to bring Buddhist principles into European society in various ways. Here you find a list of the current projects including their contacts. If you are interested in taking part in any of those projects please contact the persons involved below!

Animal Welfare

Purpose: To actively lobby for animal welfare in Brussels and get EU laws changed to reduce suffering of animals in the food industry and to create a powerful base of supporters for the cause through our online presence

Carlo Luyckx (


Buddhist Women

Purpose: To contribute to the network for equal opportunities for Buddhist women in areas such as education, teaching, ordination and in decision-making positions through training, documentation, social projects, etc.

More Information

Gabriela Frey (


Chaplaincy Network

Purpose: to create a network of experienced Buddhist chaplains working in prisons, hospices, and the armed forces, and provide resources for them and also beginners in chaplaincy work To create an academic curriculum for Buddhist chaplains at Amsterdam University

Dario Girolami (

More Information


Council of Europe

Purpose: The EBU enjoys participatory status in the Conference of INGOs at Council of Europe since 2008. We welcome contributions and onsite involvement in our English / French speaking team, working with Gabriela to create and provide resources for work in the Committee on Interreligious and Interconvictional Dialogue, as well as in other committees of the CINGO with issues such as education, gender, environment, human rights, etc.).

Gabriela Frey (

Comittee for the Interreligious and interconvictional dialogue

Civil Society: Sustaining Democracy


EBU Ecodharma Group

Purposes: to create a network of people involved in Buddhism, ecology and the climate emergency.
to provide Buddhist communities with guidelines how to operate in an energy efficient, net zero and sustainable way to develop a project which can be funded by the EU institutions

Jake Lyne (
Silvia Francescon (

click here for the latest EcoDharma document


EBU Conferences and Events

Purpose: To create a team of people in charge of preparing, running and organizing the EBU events – conferences, large meetings, convents etc.

Isabelle Huet (


EBU Magazine

Purpose: To bring on board a small but skilled team of people who lift the EBU magazine on the next stage

Emilia Raunio (


EBU Website and Social Media

Purpose: To gather a small but skilled team in charge of the EBU’s web presence and social media posts.

Moritz Richartz (


European Buddhist youth network

Purpose: To create a network of young Buddhists of all traditions


EBU Ethics Committee

Purpose: to address concerns relating to ethical misconduct in the activities of the EBU or in EBU member organisations. See the EBU Code of Ethics + Complaints Procedure.


Interfaith on a European Level

Purpose: The EBU Interfaith Commission aims to strengthen the work at the EU institutions in Brussels and arrange a database on the resources on Interfaith within the EBU. Thereafter we will create a network of experienced Buddhists involved in Interfaith work and provide resources.

Trudy Fredriksson (


Mindfulness and Sciences - Contemplative Sciences NetworkPurpose

To create a network of scientists working on mindfulness and meditation and provide resources for mindfulness teachers. For more information click here.

Lama Lhündrup (

Prof. Antonino Raffone (


Network/Committee of Lawyers and legal experts

Purpose: To create a network of legal experts and lawyers who are working on legislation relevant for National Buddhist Unions and Buddhist communities in order to share experiences, best practices and legal know-how concerning laws which affect Buddhist entities.

Ana Ramiro Nieto (


Proofreaders / Translators

Purpose: proofreading English texts for the EBU Website and Magazine, translating texts into english.


Rainbow Sangha

Purpose: To connect LGBTQI+ Buddhists, including friends and allies. We aim to end the isolation of LGBTQI+ people by making queer Buddhists more visible within their communities, within society and within history. We want to give a voice to queer Buddhism, identify safe spaces and provide resources for them. We also support engaged Buddhist actions motivated by values such as non-discrimination and human rights.

Michael Vermeulen (


SASCE Project

Purpose: Safer and Stronger Communities in Europe: To create a network of people taking care of crisis management and security for their communities. These people will be provided on an ongoing basis with information and training.

Stefano Bettera (


Teach Peace

Purpose: The vision of Teach Peace is for schools to be beacons of human flourishing and social cohesion. When teachers embody and share skills for peace and connection, students learn by example, changing the culture and learning environment of the whole school. Teach Peace supports, trains and mentors teachers as they establish a peace project in their school.


Teaching Buddhism in schools

Purpose: To gather and provide resources for teachers who teach Buddhism in schools and create a network for these teachers.

More Information

Amalee Rycroft (

Dominique Side (

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