What we do

The EBU has a growing list of projects and activities. It is our mission to bring Buddhist principles into European society in various ways.

Our projects include:

  • A continuous presence in Brussels and liaison with the EU institutions
  • Participatory status in the conference of INGOs at the Council of Europe
  • Buddhist Chaplaincy in hospitals, prisons and hospices
  • Buddhist Ecology and ECO-Dharma
  • Animal Welfare
  • Safety for places of worship (SASCE)

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EBU Action Plan 2021

The overall aim is to fulfill our mission better and make the voice and voices of Buddhism heard in Europe, so as to spread the Dharma and Buddhist principles collectively for the benefit of the people.

1. The EBU Network and Community platform will be expanded so it will reach a maximum number of people in Europe.

2. The EBU magazine will be raised to a higher editorial and design level, as well as be made available also in a printed version on demand. It is the goal to establish the magazine as a firm voice of European Buddhism which is heard.

3. We will create a new EBU website with an online database and archive, so all relevant documents are available in one place.

4. We will develop the existing projects, networks and committees (as per the current list) to a higher and more efficient level.

5. We will introduce new initiatives, projects and networks, to amplify our collective work.

6. We will collaborate more closely with the European institutions, aiming to have joint projects with other faith groups and generate funding

7. Together with the designated working group and the whole membership, we will finalize the EBU legal documents (constitution, standing orders, code of ethics) so they will become effective in September 2021.

8. Initializing the move of the EBU registered address from Paris, France, to Brussels, Belgium, in order to be closer to and more visible for the EU institutions, have an office instead being registered in somebody’s home, as well as being able to operate as a European Association in English language.

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